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Trade and Credit Information Officer - Commercial Banking

Posted: 07 December, 2019

Job Descriptoin

Role: Trade and Credit Information Officer
Location: Cairo

Role Purpose:
The Trade and Credit Information (TCI) Officer Role falls under the Risk Analytics & Modeling roles within the Wholesale Risk Management Department. Risk Analytics and Modellin roles are responsible for modelling and analytic controls covering design, development, implementation, optimization and validation. They provide provision of analytics to identify risks, new risk trends, management information, forecasts, and recommend model or control amendments to address these specifically for non-Regulatory Risk purposes. Activities may support regulatory and non-regulatory purposes and the development of policy
Roles and Responsibilities:
•TCI supports all Global Banking, Commercial Banking, Business Banking areas.
•TCI is the first step in any facility's granting decision and is one of the risk assessment businesses in the lending process.
•Mitigating the risk of defaulting existing customers through regular monitoring of their market and Bank's positions.
•Conducting external visits to our potential/existing customers & meeting their executives and a detailed call report is submitted to the concerned business area showing customer's positions & performance. Also, referring customers to banking products where appropriate (Commercial Banking, Global Banking, Business Banking, Payment & cash Management, Trade & supply chain …) based on customers' needs to increase profitability from ancillary businesses.
•TCI also plays a supportive role to other departments LPD , CPD , CRM , CLD , HR , in providing relevant credit information in order to meet external customer needs.
•Developing needed workflows to be followed by TCI members , also assisting in setting & formulating TCI job related workflows with involved departments.
•Ensuring a strong delivery of TCI reports by means of minimizing TAT, also ensuring that renewal of TCI reports are synchronized with review dates.


Qualifications and Experience:

• Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, finance or any relative major.
  • Experience in the Banking field specifically within the Credit Information/Investigation.
  • Exposure to lending businesses (Corporate , BB) and credit risk management.
  • Working across all levels of the organization to understand cross-functional linkages and interdependencies
  • Professional expertise which helps to determine solutions around appropriate job measures & processes, risk monitoring and management.
  • Understanding of different industries related business cycles.

• Ability to form effective relationships and achieve influence in the organization.
  • Ability to lead staff, fostering a teamwork atmosphere.
  • Being Initiative & self -motivated
  • Flexibility & adaptability.
  • Independent problem solving and analytic skills, computer skills
  • Strength of conviction to identify and raise issues and justify concerns to ensure appropriate action is taken.
  • Hardworking & the ability to work under pressure,
  • Focused to deliver assigned tasks ahead of deadlines.
  • Well-cultured , always conversant with latest news, Trusty & Honest.

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