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On Call Destination Consultant

Posted: 04 January, 2020

Job Descriptoin

Job Description

Position Purpose

To support employees and their families who are moving to Middle East and to ensure their smooth transition into the new location by providing services including orientation, homefinding, school search etc and making the assignee familiar with the local area, culture and customs

Responsibilities/ Duties /Tasks

Sourcing suitable accommodation for the assignee and family within the budget and timescales agreed.
Ensuring that all properties viewed are on housing itineraries prepared by Move One's preferred real estate agent
Discussing and confirming that the services being delivered are within the agreed budget and scope of work contracted with the client. If there are any special needs or requirements confirm that these are with in the
authorised guidelines of the client.
Maintaining consistent contact with the assignee throughout the service;
Recording vital service related information in Move One's bespoke software system,viaRELO, daily by completing comments, statuses, time-tracker, costs, and other fields.
Providing clear and timely updates and service reports to any local Move One clients for whom they are providing services;

Work Requirement

Consultants are expected to use their own cars, to have valid driving license, car registration and insurance (copies to be presented to Move One Relocations before first job).
Per Diem consultants will not work with another Relocation company during their engagement with Move One Relocations.


Expert knowledge of destination and the surrounding areas.
Good foundation knowledge about expat living areas and the rental property market.
Excellent English and preferable one other language.
Service industry work experience is advantageous.
Strong PC skills.
Ability to communicate clearly and with confidence both verbally and in writing.
Strong problem solving skills.
Time management skills
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