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Required Team Leader – Talent Management

Location: Abu Dhabi
Posted: 05 February, 2018

Job Descriptoin

• Work Performed:
a) Assumes lead role for all aspects of the Competence Assurance Management System (CAMS) implemented as the common standard development tool for all graduates joining NDC.
b) Assists in the establishment, evaluation and implementation of new succession planning processes and procedures, and helps improve them based on management and employee feedback.
c) Manages the company’s talent pool to ensure that candidates are identified, developed and assessed and that their development needs and progression are well planned, monitored and executed.
d) Formulates training programs which address the learning needs identified by each skill pool
e) Ensures succession planning activities support the corporate objectives including Emiratization.
f) Liaises with Recruitment and T&D to advise on skill shortage areas and development opportunities.
g) Advises management on suitable assessment tools and mechanisms to identify successors; i.e. interests, preferences, motivational determinants, 360 degree instruments; assessment centres (development centres).
h) Establishes and maintains a succession planning software solution that will provide timely, accurate data to support the reporting and decision making processes.
i) Evaluates the succession process and make recommendations to improve the way it operates in line with industry best practices.
j) Works closely with management and the department head to ensure that there is effective pipeline development, manpower, succession and talent planning and using this to leverage opportunities and address challenges.
k) Works towards reducing the number of management vacancies through internal talent planning.
l) Develops and implements a plan to link high potential employees identified through the succession planning tool to a career development action plan to help drive succession planning and diversity results through the company.

How to Apply?

Please send an email to [email protected]