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Location: Dubai
Posted: 08 June, 2018

Job Descriptoin

Assist the supervisor in monitoring supply of materials to ensure that materials supplied are of high quality, for ensuring that works are completed in safe, proper and timely manner.
Transfer materials, tools and equipment to sites where construction works are carried on.
Work closely with the iron bender and ensure that work is executed according to supervisor’s specification.
Assist plumbers in masonry works where required i.e. hydrants, chambers, septic tanks, gutters culverts drains.
itting together individual masonry units including brick, block and stone to complete a finished structure.
Cutting and finishing masonry units to allow for a finished appearance at ends of structures as well as openings in the structure.
Mixing and application of mortar mix. Application includes proper tooling and striking of masonry joints.
Setup of project sites to allow for safe working conditions during the project.
Proper use of PPE or personal protective equipment during the cutting and grinding of materials.
Installation of attachment components for facade work including wall ties.

How to Apply?

Please send an email to [email protected]