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HVAC Engineer Required

Location: Dubai
Posted: 11 February, 2018

Job Descriptoin

 HVAC Site Engineer with 3+ years of progressive experience.
 Professionally qualified with a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E. Mechanical).
 Good knowledge in AUTO CAD, CREO PARAMATRIC VERSION 2.0, RIVET &MEP software & proficient in MS Office suite.
 Good knowledge in NDT (non-destructive testing).
 Worked on duct insulation,installation and indoor and outer unit installation.
 Handled proposal and planning detailed HVAC design as per ASHRAE codes, HVAC load calculation,ventilation calculation,ducting and piping layout,creating drawings,site supervision,co-ordination&field engineering.
 Heating /cooling load calculation following carrier E-20,ASHRAE/ISHRAE handbook &software. Selection of indoor and outdoor units according to calculated cfm and TR.
 Selection of diffuser and grill.
 Calculation of duct sizes,design and drafting of all types of ductablespliy ac and preparation of duct layout with supply and return diffusers,duct grill,slot diffusers with flexible connections for multi-storey buildings.
 Preparing raw materials as per required material specifications and drawing dimensions by using technical instruments.
 Periodically check the working process, by the way to provide continuous quality improvement and reduce the wastage.
 Check out the finished jobs as per standard by applying testing methods and records were updated for documentation purpose.
 Preparing reports and certification after finishing process.
 Ensure quality work and monitoring work progress.

How to Apply?

Please send an email to [email protected]