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Fixed Plant Mechanic

Location: Abu Dhabi
Posted: 10 February, 2018

Job Descriptoin

Operational Activities
 Implements the preventive maintenance programme for all fixed plant and associated equipment and facilities. Includes receiving and checking daily work schedule, obtaining tools and materials from stores, coordinating equipment shutdowns, isolations and “purging” as required. Inspects equipment visually and physically, greases and changes oil, replaces worn or defective parts and components, including seals. Carries out various mechanical test and vibration monitoring programmes, reporting equipment condition to Foreman and/or tenant representatives. Completes daily work schedule with details of work done, labour and materials used and faults detected. Updates equipment records
 Carries out a variety of repairs on the engines and drive mechanisms of a variety of fixed plant such as pumps, ventilators, meters, generators, bunkering outlets and strainers. Receives and interprets job requests, discusses problems with originator, strips down, inspects, repairs, calibrates and tests equipment, replacing worn or defective parts as required. Identifies long term problems, bringing to the attention of the user and Foreman, including where required, and providing estimates of expected working life and replacement/overhaul costs
 Inspects repaired mechanical equipment and tests in operational conditions, carrying out vibration and heat monitoring, checking and testing pressure switches and calibrating if not working correctly. Calibrates tank gauges after repair and records details in equipment logs
 Assists in the implementation of new projects on fixed plant and related systems. Includes assisting in pre-design stage with technical input on equipment capability; providing work and equipment estimates and providing comments on specified equipment for purchase. Carries out the skilled installation, connection, start-up, testing and warranty monitoring for all new fixed plant, including piping, tanks, meters and “Inergen” gas systems
 Carries out all activities in accordance with Company safety procedures and manufacturer’s recommendations, ensuring that all precautions are taken to isolate equipment and “purge” tanks and pumps prior to commencing work. Ensures that protective equipment is worn at all times and ensures that more junior technicians and helpers observe safety rules
 Ensures that all hand tools and power equipment is kept in a clean and fully functional condition at all times
 Carries out other similar or related duties including assisting in the costing of work carried out or in providing estimates; ensures that all work areas are kept clean and free of debris during and after work completion; assisting in the commissioning of work undertaken by manufacturers’, tenants or contractors; providing comments and information to assist in annual budget preparation, for example on materials set-ups.

How to Apply?

Please send an email to [email protected]