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Location: Abu Dhabi
Posted: 11 June, 2018

Job Descriptoin

Assist the Facilities Manager in all aspects of project implementation as needed.
 Support the Facilities Manager with external contacts as needed.
 Manage the Security access-control database in conjunction with the Security Contractor
 Represent the Facilities Department in inter-departmental meetings to support and facilitate
communication and action between departments. .
 Coordinate all Facilities activities, work direction, and support systems.
 Supervise and train facility employees and contractors as needed.
 Independently maintain and update administrative policies and processes.
 Set up, maintain, and organize department’s central files, information, filing, and messages.
 Assist facilities staff in locating parts, supplies, and materials.
 Prepare and maintain RFP’s, bid information, and other contract documents.
 Prepare internal bill-backs and documents for events supported by the Facilities
 Provide administrative support to the Facilities team.
 Manage the CMMS system, including receiving work request, assigning work orders,
entering system data, and providing the overall system administration

How to Apply?

Please send an email to [email protected]